The Educare caters for children from 1-5 years of age.

Yes, the children are potty-trained from 2 years old (provided they are in the 2-year old class and are emotionally and verbally ready).

The activities presented in the classrooms are creative activities such as painting, free drawing, collage, playdough etc. The teacher's schedule includes music activities, movement, story, daily discussions.

The Educare follows weekly themes from the age of 2 years and up. This allows teachers to prepare activities according to a theme, as children learn through repetition. It also enables parents to be involved by contributing towards the themes in class.

Yes, we do follow the letterland syllabus. However, this is only offered to the 5-year old group, that is, pre-Grade R, as they will be attending Grade R the following year.  Together with other bookwork, this includes learning of colours, shapes and numbers which helps the children to get to know them and be ready for school. For the younger children, however, the Educare follows weekly themes which, as already noted, help the children to learn through repetition and encourage parental participation.

Yes, the Educare offers healthy, freshly-cooked meals which are cooked each day in the kitchen on our premises.

Yes, at our Educare each age group has its own class.

We have 5 classrooms at Villa Maria Educare with 15 children per class.

Our staff ratio is:

1 year olds - 1 teacher, 2 assistants

2 year olds - 1 teacher, 2 assistants

3 year olds - 1 teacher, 1 assistant

4 year olds - 1 teacher, 1 assistant

5 year olds - 1 teacher, 1 assistant


The Educare ensures that the children are under constant supervision by the teachers and assistants. There are security cameras in and around the building, with a security guard on duty during school hours.  We are also linked to City Bowl Armed Response. Emergency procedures are practised on a regular basis as prescribed by the Social Welfare Department.

We are open throughout the year except on public holidays. (Please refer to our school policy in this regard).

We close each year in December for a 3-week break over the Christmas and New Year season.


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